Robb, thanks for bringing this to the list. I hope someone will respond.

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Pieter Hintjens reccommended contacting this mailing list for potential developers who may be able to work on the project. If anyone that's avaliable to do work like this could reply with avaliability and contact details I'd really appreciate it.

Our company is currently in need of some developers to update the software of one of our products from ZMQ version 1.0.1 to ZMQ version 3.2.5. The project is on quite a tight deadline due to one of our other contractors dropping out of the project.
The product is a system for embedded Linux written in C++ that uses ZMQ to send messages to and from a central master and a set of devices connected to a LAN. We have had issues with TCP transmit queues overflowing and causing our applications to crash due to the limited resources on the hardware platform we are using and by updating to a newer version of ZMQ we hope to utilise a more efficient network protocol such as PGM to improve the efficiency of communications.

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