Hi Osiris,

Thanks for the info. I'll try to dig into, to understand it.
If you are in Rome, do like Romans do. ;-)

After I am through, I'd really ask you to walk me through the procedure for the first time, so that I won't make some major mistake.

In the meantime I added two methods for service communication to the client. It works. :-)

//  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
//  *** Draft method, for development use, may change without warning ***
//  Send blob to service
//  Returns 0 if OK, -1 if failed due to lack of memory or other error.
MLM_EXPORT int mlm_client_svc_send_chunk
    mlm_client_t *self,
    const char *address,
    const char *subject,
    zchunk_t*   content
//  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
//  Receive a subject and zchunk content from the server.
//  This method is orthogonal to the mlm_client_svc_send_chunk.
//  Returns 0 or -1 in case of error. Free the returned
//  subject and content when finished with them. To get the type of
//  the command, use mlm_client_command ().

MLM_EXPORT int mlm_client_svc_recv_chunk
    mlm_client_t *self,
    char **subject_p,
    zchunk_t** content

Basically the methods allow sending blobs (zchunk_t*) between client and worker.

What is the procedure for the new features inclusion?
- what are the steps
- who is approving?

Who is working on security? Am I right that malamute server does not support the curve yet?
Has somebody tried to integrate more traditional PKI into zmq?

Thanks in advance


On 6.4.2016 18:40, Osiris Pedroso wrote:
Hi Matjaz,

Read the zproject/README.md and look for the section Tips for modifying generated files in an already existent project

Seems like every zeromq project that has a project.xml in its home directory has some portion of its code/scripts automatically generated.
The source of these generated files live in zeromq/zproject project and they have extension .GSL.

There is another project, imatix/gsl that contains the GSL program that will use the .GSL files referenced by your target project i.e. zeromq/malamute/project.xml to generate the output code/scripts for that process.

I have been trying to undertstand that process of late as well, and I wrote the script zeromq/zproject/tstgenbld.sh which will apply the current .GSL files in zeromq/zproject on my disk on several projects (CZMQ, ZYRE and MALAMUTE), regenerating them, then building and running their automated tests.

This way, I can automate testing the current build, then testing the modified build once I drop my modified .GSL files in my zeromq/zproject disk location.

If you want to make the changes you suggested in your previous email, provide me with the before and after CMakeLists.txt file you made and I will help you modifying the generating .GSL to generated your new version automatically.

Then you can test and if you like it, a submit a PULL REQUEST submitting to the project.

Hope this helps,

On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 8:29 AM Matjaž Ostroveršnik <matjaz.ostroversnik@gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks for quick reply.
I am a novice and I need a longer explanation.

I cloned zproject and went through the file. Some strange syntax ;-) Mixture of cmake and something else (i.e. dot commands).
What is the purpose of this? Isn't cmake declarative enough, so that this conditional generation can be skipped?

I know exactly what to change in CMakeLists.txt file, but I do not know the syntax of the gsl file to fix it there.

Do you think that out of source cmake builds is something that malamute development team needs? If it is only for me, I can stick with the existing solution. ;-)

How is zproject related to malamut project?

Best regards


On 6.4.2016 14:55, Osiris Pedroso wrote:

Here is the process to find out which file creates any generated file:

  1. get the name of file you are interested
  2. clone zeromq/zproject
  3. search for the filename you are interested in *.gsl:
O:\git\zproject>findstr /c:CMakeLists.
txt *.gsl
zproject_cmake.gsl:.output "CMakeLists.txt"
zproject_java.gsl:.output "$(topdir)/CMakeLists.txt"
zproject_java.gsl:.output "$(topdir)/android/CMakeLists.txt"

So in your case, I believe zproject/zproject_cmake.gsl is the file that generates it

On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 7:38 AM Matjaž Ostroveršnik <matjaz.ostroversnik@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi all,

I am in process of experimenting with malamute. In order to play with it, the development environment needs to be configured.
Below is my experience with malamute & eclipse & cmake. Perhaps someone can shorten his/her environment establishing time. :-)

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