On 5 August 2010 20:21, Matt Weinstein <mattweinstein@gmail.com> wrote:

A quick question -- I really want a uint32_t to hold my 0xdeadbeef, is
there a portable/preferred way to get a 32 bit unsigned value? (( I
don't like making assumptions about C99 compliance ))

You can find stdint.h on many platforms, and you can already find several versions for Windows.  Everything else varies due to LP64, LLP64, ILP64, SILP64, etc.

Alternatives include Glib's guint32, and sometimes you can see u_int32 and u32.

Basically fall back is to define it yourself, i.e. a zmq_uint32_t or something equally horrific, Apple uses mDNSu32 in mDNSResponder for example.