[zeromq-dev] About libzmq "domain" inside readthedocs.io

Brett Viren bv at bnl.gov
Fri Nov 3 14:47:41 CET 2023

Hi Francesco,

I think it is better to move your current /zeromq/ content to be under
/libzmq/ and then use /zeromq/ in some other way.

The reason is that the term "zeromq" implies a larger scope than does
"libzmq".  In informal discussions, context will sometimes make the
meaning clear.  Here, I think it is best to be precise.

What might go in the newly available /zeromq/?  Some thoughts:

- Nothing :: Hold on to /zeromq/ in the RTD namespace but otherwise
  leave it empty.

- Landing :: Develop some minimal content consisting of a link to
  zeromq.org and links to all the other RTD projects (I know of only 3:
  the new /libzmq/, /pyzmq/ and /learning-0mq-with-pyzmq/).

- Redirect :: If technically possible, make /zeromq/ so that
  zeromq.readthedocs.io gives an HTTP redirect to zeromq.org.

- Mirror :: Serve a copy of zeromq.org content, maybe even versioned.


Francesco <francesco.montorsi at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi all,
> As an update on this topic: RTD support contacted me yesterday and they promptly renamed the old "libzmq"
> abandoned project inside RTD, so that the name "libzmq" is now available.
> On the other hand, right now we have already imported the libzmq project inside RTD with the name
> "zeromq".
> I asked for directions to the RTD support.
> I feel that both
>    https://readthedocs.org/projects/zeromq/   [currently up and running!]
>    https://readthedocs.org/projects/libzmq     [now available]
> are both good. Maybe "libzmq" is more specific (let's say in future also czmq wants to have docs on RTD,
> it could register "czmq" subproject and that would be more coherently matched by having "libzmq" instead
> of "zeromq")
> What do you think?
> Thanks,
> Francesco 
> Il giorno mar 31 ott 2023 alle ore 15:45 Francesco <francesco.montorsi at gmail.com> ha scritto:
>     Hi Brett,
>     > RTD provides a "custom domain" aka a "subdomain" namespace.   I believe this would allow
>     >  zeromq.readthedocs.io/libzmq
>     yes, I agree it should be feasible.
>     > I do not know how to best map this to libzmq's development model.
>     I think Luca has just created the zeromq https://readthedocs.org/projects/zeromq/  project.
>     RTD allows to add as many maintainers as needed to a single "project" (like zeromq)... AFAICT all
>     maintainers have same rights/permissions.
>     I think it would be best to have all libzmq maintainers added there to ensure there will be always
>     someone with the rights to update/tweak config settings also in upcoming years.
>     And for sure I can be there to help as I can.
>     Thanks,
>     Francesco
>     Il giorno mar 31 ott 2023 alle ore 15:37 Brett Viren <bv at bnl.gov> ha scritto:
>         Francesco <francesco.montorsi at gmail.com> writes:
>         > In meanwhile perhaps some libzmq maintainer can simply register a new
>         > project named "zeromq" and then later on we can setup some kind of
>         > redirection rule
>         RTD provides a "custom domain" aka a "subdomain" namespace.   I
>         believe this would allow
>           zeromq.readthedocs.io/libzmq
>         This nicely mirrors GitHub's <org>.githup.io/<repo> namespace for its
>         "pages" which naturally gives a spot from other zeromq repos to have
>         their docs on RTD.  Though some, at least PyZMQ, already have their own
>         subdomain on RTD.
>         The best I can tell from RTD's documentation is that their auth model
>         assumes a single individual "owns" the project or subdomain names in the
>         namespace.  I do not know how to best map this to libzmq's development
>         model.
>         But, (purely IMO) I think it is reasonable for you, Francesco, to "own"
>         the "zeromq" subdomain and "libzmq" project name on RTD.  After all, you
>         are the one actively doing the work.  If at some future time you wish to
>         transfer ownership you could of course seek someone to take it.  Even
>         letting things languish in the future seems okay to me as some future
>         interested person can follow the RTD procedure and take over the name
>         and the responsibility.
>         -Brett.
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