[zeromq-dev] Relicensing completion and feature removal, need clean-room reimplementations of zmq_proxy_steerable() and ZMQ_RECONNECT_IVL_MAX

Luca Boccassi bluca at debian.org
Mon Jun 5 13:49:33 CEST 2023


As you might or might not be aware, we have been working hard for years
to complete the libzmq relicensing effort that Pieter started long ago,
from LGPL3+exceptions to standard MPL2:


After a lot of work, we are down to only 3 grants missing, covering the

- tweetnacl integration as alternative to libsodium (relicensing
- zmq_proxy_steerable() (no answer)

We have been waiting for years, with many requests without responses
for the latter two, and it doesn't make sense to wait anymore.

So with this PR the above functionality will simply be removed:


I will merge it later today.

Tweetnacl is really not a problem, it was always intended as a local-
only thing to facilitate zmq_curve development, which is long done. The
only supported production encryption implementation is libsodium, which
is available everywhere, so I do not intend to put tweetnacl
integration back. If anybody was using curve+tweetnacl in a production
setting, they were doing something _very_ wrong and need to stop asap
anyway. It's a footgun and it's best to be rid of it.

The other two are more problematic, as they are public APIs. The PR
changes them to be empty stubs that return EOPNOTSUPP (so that ABI
doesn't change). But I will make at least an attempt to get a
reimplementation so:

If you are able to, and you have NEVER LOOKED AT THE PREVIOUS
IMPLEMENTATIONS (I will require you to state this explicitly in the
commit messages), please consider helping out and reimplementing these
two APIs, based solely on the public documentation:


I cannot stress this enough, it must be a clean-room reimplementation
so no prior knowledge of the previous implementation details nor
looking at the previos implementation is allowed (hence why I cannot do
it myself).

If you are able to help, please speak up. These are not difficult to
add, especially the socket option should be very straightforward. I
will of course be able to review and provide guidance.

After merging the above PR I will complete the relicensing shortly
after, taking advantage of the switch to also use the standard SPDX
format in source files. The relicense grants will be moved to:
for archival.

Kind regards,
Luca Boccassi
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