[zeromq-dev] release plan or schedule.

John Goetz j.goetz at tecplot.com
Fri Jan 20 21:15:00 CET 2023

Hello zmq devs,
Is there a release shedule for libzmq or a set list of bugs and features that the next release is waiting on? Last release was 2 years ago and there are features that I would like to use, though I'm hesitant to use the master branch directly.

I asked this on gitter zeromq/libzmq to which Fabrice Bacchella (@fbacchella) responded that "all the zmq is in a strange state [...] still active, but with no real project". I see that Luca Boccassi (@bluca) is the most active w.r.t. the repository and I'm hoping he will chime in on this.
Thank you,

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