[zeromq-dev] libev and ZMQ

Arnaud Loonstra arnaud at sphaero.org
Thu Feb 25 21:27:19 CET 2021

On 25-02-2021 19:35, Arun Athrey Chandrasekaran wrote:
> Hi all,
>           Are there any gotchas w.r.t using libev with ZMQ? I want to 
> use ZMQ to receive and send messages from/to another process and 
> instead of a ZMQ server in an infinite loop listening for incoming 
> requests, I want to use libev to look for socket activity. What I have 
> found out so far is that even when there is no real socket activity, I 
> still get "ghost" callbacks from libev. I tried updating the ZMQ_EVENTS 
> on both client and server sides after ZMQ recv and send but that did not 
> help.
> Thanks,
> *Arun*

Hi Arun,

If you have some concept code it would really help. You can use zeromq 
in any event system which is able to poll on file descriptors. There are 
some caveats you have to be aware of. I'm not sure how this is done with 
the newer threadsafe sockets though.


The 'ZMQ_FD' option shall retrieve the file descriptor associated with the
specified 'socket'. The returned file descriptor can be used to 
integrate the
socket into an existing event loop; the 0MQ library shall signal any pending
events on the socket in an _edge-triggered_ fashion by making the file
descriptor become ready for reading.

NOTE: The ability to read from the returned file descriptor does not
necessarily indicate that messages are available to be read from, or can be
written to, the underlying socket; applications must retrieve the actual 
state with a subsequent retrieval of the 'ZMQ_EVENTS' option.

NOTE: The returned file descriptor is also used internally by the 'zmq_send'
and 'zmq_recv' functions. As the descriptor is edge triggered, applications
must update the state of 'ZMQ_EVENTS' after each invocation of 'zmq_send'
or 'zmq_recv'.To be more explicit: after calling 'zmq_send' the socket may
become readable (and vice versa) without triggering a read event on the
file descriptor.

CAUTION: The returned file descriptor is intended for use with a 'poll' or
similar system call only. Applications must never attempt to read or 
write data
to it directly, neither should they try to close it.



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