[zeromq-dev] Donations?

Arnaud Loonstra arnaud at sphaero.org
Sun Dec 5 08:58:34 UTC 2021

Hi mpg,

I can't comment on the hosting and other infra related costs. Perhaps 
Luca or Doron can comment on that. The best way to contribute to the 
zeromq community is to use the projects and hire developers to work on 
any issues and/or improvements.

We also really appreciate yearly meetups/hackathon with beers and food 
at FOSDEM so attending those could also be a suggestion? (as soon as 
it's possible again :S)



On 02-12-2021 19:28, Michael Gerlek wrote:
> We’ve been using ZeroMQ for a year now and we’re very happy with it.
> We’d like to make a small donation to help continue the work. Is there a 
> mechanism in place by which we can send money to help defray the costs 
> of web hosting, or development, or similar? I looked on the website but 
> didn’t see anything…
> Thanks -
> -mpg
> mpg at apira.com
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