[zeromq-dev] CURVE supported for zmq_proxy

Rob Moolhuijsen rob.moolhuijsen at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 09:00:15 CEST 2020


In several projects we're using ZMQ to send/receive messages over the 
Internet. We are using the 4.2.2 libzmq library (not the libczmq) and 
all the communication (PUB/SUB) is done via the zmq_proxy (XPUB/XSUB). 
Now we are planning to integrate the CURVE security in our projects.

Question: Is CURVE supported by the zmq_proxy?

Request: I have seen some examples of several security patterns in the 
libczmq library (Stonehouse, Ironhouse) base on the czmq.h API but I 
would like to see the translation of those examples using the libzmq 
library (zmq.h API).

Kind regards,

Rob Moolhuijsen

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