[zeromq-dev] Setting 802.1p VLAN Priority

Andy Heroff chicago_lion at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 6 15:46:32 CET 2020

   We use 0MQ for messaging between applications across various VLANs within our system. Recently, we have added a requirement in which we would like to set the 802.1p priority field to something other than 0 for a subset of these connections (most, but not all). There doesn't appear to be any method exposed to directly change the priority of the 0MQ socket (e.g. setsockopt for SOL_SOCKET/SO_PRIORITY which would set the sk_priority field, and then get translated by egress-qos-map on the outbound link) within 0MQ.
   ZMQ_TOS is close, but by my understanding, that relies on (for us on top of Linux at least) a pre-determined mapping in the kernel and calculations based on DSCP values. Also, it doesn't appear to offer a mapping to the value of 3 which we're trying to set, even if we tried that route.

   As a temporary solution, we created a quick patch on top of ZMQ to allow directly setting the SO_PRIORITY via a new option in zmq::options_t::setsockopt, but it would be easier, of course, if we didn't have to patch 0MQ to accompish this end. Is there another method to set sk_priority directly via already existing 0MQ methods that I'm unaware of?
   Thanks in advance!
--- Andy
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