[zeromq-dev] Clustering xPub xSub Proxies

Justin Schwartz jschwartz at rcsworks.com
Tue May 19 18:40:45 CEST 2020

Our scenario: we have multiple ZeroMQ publishers and subscribers running in the cloud in a private subnet. To enable external subscribers or publishers, we route traffic through a Load Balancer that sits in a public subnet. All of the traffic, both inside and outside the cloud, connects to a ZeroMQ broker that runs an xPub/xSub proxy. All of this works well, except for the fact that we have a single point of failure – a single broker application.

Is it possible to cluster multiple xPub/xSub proxies together? How would we go about doing so?

The goal here is to ensure that if one broker is inaccessible, due to network partition or is in the process of being upgraded that the system doesn’t experience interruptions.

Thank you

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