[zeromq-dev] Publish to and Read from a buffer

Ziang Gao ziang.gao at aerodefense.tech
Tue Mar 17 20:52:31 CET 2020


I'm new to ZMQ and I recently started a project using the publisher and
subscriber model. However, in my application, the client who's subscribing
is making decisions based on the data collected during a small amount of
time. Ideally, it would collect data for 1 sec then make a decision(during
the decision-making period it would still be collecting data for the next
decision), so I'm thinking that I can publish data into a buffer then grab
all the data in there at a certain rate.

Does ZMQ provide a function or model that supports this kind of design? I
know that I can create a buffer in a separate thread by myself and store
the data there, but I would like to know if ZMQ had already provided a
function for it before I'm heading that way.

The language I'm using is Python and OS is Unbuntu 16.04.

Thank you very much!

Best regards,
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