[zeromq-dev] using zmq socket fd with epoll

Rajiv Shukla rajiv at edgestreamlp.com
Fri Jun 26 15:50:15 CEST 2020


We have been grappling with a zmq issue that I was hoping might ring a bell
here on the dev list.
- We are using zmq in a python app.
- We have a receiver that opens a socket of type zmq.PAIR via
- We have an epoll_wait based event loop in our app where we monitor this
zmq socket for input activity.
- The zmq socket fd is found via *socket.get(zmq.FD) - *The issue we are
having is that often epoll_wait sees no activity on the socket fd even
though we know a message was received. In order to investigate further, we
ran strace on the application and found that what we call is zmq socket fd
is an [eventfd] type of descriptor and a notification using this descriptor
is sent from the zmq i/o thread by writing 8 bytes to it. This triggers our
own eventloop to return from epoll_wait. From time to time, however, it
appears that the zmq i/o thread does not write to this descriptor until
multiple messages have been received which causes our own eventloop to not
get notification of data arrival in time.

Does this ring a bell? Any idea what might be going on or how we can solve
this? I'll be happy to provide more info.

Thanks. -- Rajiv

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