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Narashimman Srinivasan msrinivasan at mvista.com
Mon Jun 1 20:10:43 CEST 2020


I am successful in cross compiling nodejs 12.16.1 for armv7 through yocto
Now I need to enable the support  of  zeromq.js 6.0.0. beta for nodejs
12.16.1 again through Yocto recipe.
Please advise me the options to do this.
On cross checking zeromq.js,  6.0.0 beta-6 pre-builts (armv7l), the binary
'node.napi.glibc.node'  (doesn't run on my target) denotes what? Any
relation with 'node' binary generally.
Please advise my aim should be to build a zeromq.js binding  binary linking
to libzmq.so, to function with node.js. If so, what must be the version for
libzmq.so for zeromq.js 6.0.0 - beta. How to cross build zeromq.js
6.0.0.-beta for armv7 and  cross build libzmq.so. Currently I can see npm
with option as  (--build-from-source) which  don't want. I want to
directly  compile using either of makefile/configure, not through npm
command. Is it possible?  What really happens on passing command 'npm
install zeromq --build-from-source.

Thanks & Regards
Manjunatha Srinivasan N

Thank & Regards
Manjunatha Srinivasan N
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