[zeromq-dev] Best design for a chat room.

krishnaLee sssky307 at 163.com
Sun Jul 19 10:10:29 CEST 2020

Hi experts,

Though I have very few knowledges in network programming, I try to design a simple chat room server with some keypoints:
1, there is a server-node for uses to register themself /enter room /leave room/...
2, there are 0~100 room-nodes;
3, a room may contain o~1000 users;
4, any user can send a message to his/she's room;
5, then the room broadcast the message to all users in this room. 

My rough idea is: 
1, using "server-client" pattern between user and server-node;
2, using  "sub-pub" pattern for room broadcast messages to users, and using "push-poll" for room-users send message to a room;
or just using  "server-client" pattern between user-and-room...

My idea may be not very good and I can't decide which pattern or which pattern-combination is the best choice, 
can you give me some advices?

Thank you,
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