[zeromq-dev] Announcing node-red-contrib-zyre - Node-RED nodes for Zyre

Stephen Riesenberg stephen.riesenberg at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 15:00:00 CEST 2020


I'd like to announce the first release of node-red-contrib-zyre (v0.0.1) on


If you're not familiar with Node-RED, this would be a fun way for the
zeromq community to try it out. Among other things, it's a nice way to
prototype event-driven applications using javascript. But using protocols
and technologies that are cross-platform (like zeromq and zyre) allow for
prototypes that evolve into real things in whatever language or platform
you need.

Big shout out to Sebastian Rager (https://github.com/interpretor) for
developing zyre.js a few years back. It was very easy to develop the nodes
on top.

Any questions or interest, please let me know. This is just a pre-release,
but it seems to work well. If others try it out, let me know if it goes
well or any issues you encounter. Thanks!
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