[zeromq-dev] Go bindings for Zyre

Michal Vyskocil michal.vyskocil at gmail.com
Mon Mar 18 09:41:50 CET 2019


I spent a few hours writing golang bindings for zyre -

API is idiomatic Go. For instance there is no equivalent of zyre_socket
method, because polling is supposed to be done in gorutine. Recv method
returns interface{}, where consumer must use type switch and type assertion
to get the right structure with ZRE message and not opaque zmsg_t.

I believe it can be useful for others, so propose it as official ZeroMQ
project I made that MPL licensed, want to use C4 for contributors. The only
one difference is that I prefer CircleCI instead of TravisCI - it feels
much faster and less magical than Travis to me. What do you think?

best regards
     Michal Vyskocil
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