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Ewen McNeill zeromq at ewen.mcneill.gen.nz
Mon Jul 22 02:14:17 CEST 2019

This is a slightly off topic post, but it seems the most likely way to 
find a relevant audience, particularly since Digitstan (and thus the 
RestMS mailing lists) are gone.

One of the last domain names that Pieter (Hintjens) was holding for the 
community is:


(which exists to point to a Wikidot site -- http://www.restms.org/ -- 

It was renewed until 2020 (just over a year from now) back in 2016 by 
someone interested in keeping the domain going, but I'm not sure who did 

If the restms.org domain name is still relevant, I'd like to find 
someone the community would support to take over ownership of:

(a) the restms.org domain name (including paying for its registration 
renewals); and

(b) the restms.org site on Wikidot (ie, becoming the WikiDot "Master 
Admin" for the site)

If the restms.org domain name is not relevant any longer, I'll take it 
off "auto renew" and let it expire next year (at which point it'll 
probably be seized by domain name speculators for a while, then just 

I can't tell if there's been much activity on restms since 2016.  Most 
of the pages linked from the front page of http://www.restms.org/ say 
things like "last updated 3752 days ago", which seems a long time (ie, 
10 years?).

Is the site still relevant as documentation even though it seems very 
stable?  Does the domain name matter?  Or would, eg, restms.wikidot.org 
be sufficient?  And/or the Internet Archive version of www.restms.org?


(Former iMatix sysadmin)

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