[zeromq-dev] Memory pool for zmq_msg_t

Stephan Opfer opfer at vs.uni-kassel.de
Thu Jul 4 14:58:39 CEST 2019

On 04.07.19 14:29, Luca Boccassi wrote:
> How users make use of these primitives is up to them though, I don't
> think anything special was shared before, as far as I remember.

Some example can be found here: 

The classes Publisher and Subscriber should replace the publisher and 
subscriber in a former Robot-Operating-System-based System. I hope that 
the subscriber is actually using the method Luca is talking about on the 
receiving side.

The message data here is a Cap'n Proto container that we "simply" 
serialize and send via ZeroMQ -> therefore the name Cap'nZero ;-)

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