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Yan, Liming (NSB - CN/Hangzhou) liming.yan at nokia-sbell.com
Mon Jan 7 03:03:59 CET 2019

   Great contributions. Big thanks to both you and also others.

Yan Limin

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Hi All,

More than two years has passed since Pieter handed me the BDFL role.
I'm taking the job seriously and as a long term job.

Open source maintainer job is hard. The project has life of is own, and so am I. In the last two years my two children have born plus a full time job have left me without a lot of time for zeromq. The good news is that now I have more time and for the time being no full time job.

Luckily for our community we have Luca Boccassi, which led the community amazingly in the last two years. Answering all the questions, merging the pull requests, releasing new versions and arranging the upcoming Hackathon.

I'm very happy to announce the Luca accepted my invitation to join me in the BDFLs team, thank you Luca.

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