[zeromq-dev] (solved) what's the way iterating zconfig siblings

Juergen Gnoss jgnoss at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 3 11:41:21 CET 2019

OK, thanks, I got it figured out by myself

just the right combination of zconfig_name(), zconfig_child() and zconfig_next()
did the trick

zconfig_t gpio = zconfig_locate (self->genConfig, “jg/gpio”);
if (gpio) {
  char n = zconfig_name (gpio);
  fprintf(stdout, “found : ‘%s’\n”, n);
  zconfig_t *gpioCi = zconfig_child (gpio);
  fprintf(stdout, “first child : ‘%s’\n”, zconfig_name (gpioCi));
  while ((gpioCi = zconfig_next (gpioCi))) {
      fprintf(stdout, “found child : ‘%s’\n”, zconfig_name (gpioCi));


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