[zeromq-dev] Seeking to understand muting with PUB/SUB and slow consumer

Jamie Stewart jamie at otcmarkets.com
Fri Feb 1 14:42:09 CET 2019


We use ZeroMQ 4.1.1 with EPGM in our Java applications, using pub/sub sockets. Under performance tests at very heavy load, we intermittently see a slow consumer problem with one application. When receiving a burst of traffic from a fast sender, the receiver sometimes abruptly stops receiving messages. When that happens, the receiving app no longer sees any new messages from that sender until the app is restarted.

I presume that the sender is being muted when the receiver’s unprocessed messages hit a high-water mark. I’d like to understand how to monitor for this event, and how the receiving app can recover, if the receiver’s slowness was only temporary. Is there a better approach than using heartbeats, and closing and re-opening the listening (SUB) socket if the heartbeats from the PUB stop arriving?

I am not looking for you to fix our code. Under normal circumstances, the code works fine. I understand that in a slow-consumer situation, something has to give, and there are a few ways that the system could fail. Muting the sender seems like a reasonable failure mode. I’m looking for education, so that I can better understand the way that the library handles muting in this situation.

If anyone has time to explain it in this group, or can point to a good explanation elsewhere, that would be lovely and I’d be in your debt. If you’d prefer to contact me directly to set up a brief consulting arrangement where we could talk this through on the phone (or in person if you’re in NYC), please email me at jamie (at) otcmarkets (dot) com.


  Jamie Stewart


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