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Luca Boccassi luca.boccassi at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 12:45:14 CEST 2018

On Thu, 2018-09-27 at 06:18 +0200, Osiris Pedroso wrote:
> Yes, I am sad to say so.
> The problem is that I never really contributed.

Computer says yes :-)

bluca at precision:~/git/libzmq (master)$ git log --author=Osiris --oneline | wc -l

> I did attempt once in the very beginning when I naively wrote a
> Windows
> Office document detailing how to get and build the several ZeroMQ
> projects
> in the Windows environment, but my PR was rejected because it
> contained a
> file in a DOC format. I remember I spent a day working on it, making
> sure
> it was correct and looked good. I was very proud of my first
> submission...

We talked about this last year - I'm truly sorry you felt that way, but
again the issue is purely technical and was simply about the file being
in binary format, which wreaks havoc in git (every time you change even
one character the file is duplicated in the history, so pretty soon the
repository size explodes). It's not just .doc - it's any non-text file
format that can't be accepted in a git repo. Once added, it's forever
+X MBs in size, and it can never go down.

We talked about of adding a link in the README, and have the file
hosted elsewhere instead (cloud office 365 I think? Or the wiki? Can't
recall) to avoid this issue, and you seemed to appreciate the idea at
the time if I remember correctly?

Would you like to send a PR to get this added?

> Even though the C4 guidelines, which ZeroMQ projects are supposed to
> adhere, say nothing of restricting Windows related contributions,
> that in
> fact seems to me is what happens. Even though most questions on the
> mailing
> list seem to come from Windows users, the ZeroMQ developers as a
> group seem
> to be Windows bigots.
> I always wanted to work on Linux, but my career was such that I
> stayed in
> Windows for over 30 years (my first 4 years were using AT&T Unix
> System V,
> a precursor even to BSD, then Windows).
> The last couple of years I've watched the mailing list.
> Last Hackathon I wanted to do something significant. One of the
> projects
> Luca Bocassi said we're of interest was using AF sockets in Windows
> 10, now
> that this is available. I looked at it, and at the time it was only
> available on a Window Dev build (it is probably available in Windows
> 10
> mainstream now).
> Bottom line, I did not get anywhere. Plus I had the feeling that if I
> were
> to ask any questions it would not be well received by the group,.
> This
> discouraged me to pursue it any further.
> This year my life has changed quite a bit.
> I have moved to Nürnberg, Germany working for a database company. In
> addition to starting a new job in a new country, I am learning German
> which
> takes all of my free time. And since this company products are Linux
> based,
> I am re-learning how to develop in this environment.
> Funny that now when it would be much cheaper to attend the
> Hackathons, I
> have decided that my contributions are not worth it.
> Now that Microsoft embraced Open Source, making tools such as VSCode
> (the
> Windows Development IDE) available as Open Source in all platforms
> (Linux,
> MacOS, Windows), it would be a great thing if ZeroMQ could be
> built/developed in this integrated environment (from my Windowzy
> point of
> view), allowing for debugging in any of these platforms in a single
> way,
> but I can already hear the cringe of some members just from hearing
> the
> proposal.

I think this is a bit too harsh :-) There's plenty of Windows devs
working on the project - lots of work has happened in the past year,
for example to make the CMake stuff better, and to have binaries
available for Windows too online (I think the platform is called
For example, you should be able to now use CMake seamlessly from VSCode
(or any other versions of VS) and get the exact same build results as
you'd get on *nix.

Also a Windows version of epoll was merged a few months back to make
internal polling faster and more efficient, as another example. There's
surely more I forget.

> Although I love the idea of participating in an Open Source project,
> it is
> possible that ZeroMQ is not the best fit for my skill set.
> But thank you for asking, Benjamin.
> You seem to care, and I appreciate that.

We all care, and hope you'll join us again in Brussels in February - I
believe it's just 2 train rides away from Nuremberg :-)

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Kind regards,
Luca Boccassi
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