[zeromq-dev] Compatibility of Socket Types and Protocols

Stephan again opfer at vs.uni-kassel.de
Fri Nov 16 11:39:36 CET 2018


is there somewhere a summary about the compatibility between Socket 
Types and Protocols?

Socket Types:

The Socket Types and how they can be combined is documented here: 


The Protocols are listed here: http://api.zeromq.org/master:zmq-connect 
(Btw. udp is missing here).

Following the documentation of each of the protocols, nothing is stated 
about their compatibility towards Socket Types. Except that udp is only 
compatible with ZMQ_DISH and ZMQ_RADIO at the moment.

Does this mean, that you can use any Socket Type with any Protocol, with 
an exception for udp?

A matrix would be cool, like socket types vs. protocol types.

Another question would I have is: To what extend is it possible to 
binding and connecting sockets to multiple addresses with different 

Kind Regards,


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