[zeromq-dev] Send a file from 1 router to several clients

Jabrane Hamdi jabrane.hamdi at gmail.com
Mon May 7 13:52:05 CEST 2018

Hello everybody,

I try to send a 1 Gb file from one router to several clients with 0mq using
Go, let's say 3 clients for this case.
The problem when i send the file, i obtain this message :
4296 chunks received, 1073741824 bytes
1 chunks received, 0 bytes
1 chunks received, 0 bytes

This message mean that the file was sent just to 1 dealer. My code is
inspired by code contributed by Pebbe.
This is the modified part the code (fileio1.go) :

func main() {
for i:=0; i<3; i++ {
pipe := make(chan string)
//  Start child threads
go server_thread()
go client_thread(pipe)
//  Loop until client tells us it's done

Best regards,
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