[zeromq-dev] zframe compatible w/zsock picture?

Georger, Joseph joseph.georger at stresearch.com
Fri Mar 23 23:25:58 CET 2018

Just a quick question, I was starting to write send & receive using zframes, but came across the “picture” concept in zsock. I was sending three zframes, using addmem to construct the zmsg: char * topic, uint32_t length in bytes, char * for msg.

I wrote the receiver using pictures,
zsock_receive(socket, “s4s”, &sz, &topic, &payload)

topic came through, but sz was 0. Should this in theory work, can I receive a frame containing a uint32_t with the picture paradigm? Can I intermix a zmsg/zframe sender with a picture receiver (and vice versa)? The docs imply yes: “The picture is a string that defines the type of each frame.”


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