[zeromq-dev] Publishers stops sending data after sometime. Subscriber is required to fix publisher

Justin Karneges justin at karneges.com
Sat Jan 27 07:27:42 CET 2018


One issue with socket types that don't usually write data (such as SUB) is that a dead connection might go unnoticed forever. You can work around this by enabling TCP keep alives on the SUB socket. I don't know if you're getting dead connections here but just thought I'd mention it.


On Fri, Jan 26, 2018, at 9:33 PM, Ravi Joshi via zeromq-dev wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using Publisher-Subscriber pattern consisting of 3 publishers to 
> publish 3 different types of data. All 3 publishers are written in a 
> single C# file. However, each subscriber is written in a separate C++ 
> file inside ROS. From the point of ZeroMQ, there is no difference in 
> each subscriber, since context, socket initialization and receiving 
> message is done in the same way for all subscriber. Hence, in order to 
> make the mail shorter, I am just posting code snippet of 1 
> subscriber below.
> The publisher code in C# snippet is available in Pastebin 
> (https://pastebin.com/S65LmwuV).
> The subscriber code in C++ snippet is available in Pastebin 
> (https://pastebin.com/xb3V0n0u).
> The publisher works well initially for some time and successfully 
> transmits data at 700MBPS rate but stops transmitting any data after 5-6 
> hours.
> In order to make publisher working again, I need to restart the 
> subscribers. This is strange to me since it is unexpected behavior as 
> per the Publisher-Subscriber pattern is concerned.
> Why such weird behavior? Any workaround, please.
> -
> Thanks
> Ravi
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