[zeromq-dev] Publishers stops sending data after sometime. Subscriber is required to fix publisher

Ravi Joshi ravi.joshi53 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 27 06:33:09 CET 2018


I am using Publisher-Subscriber pattern consisting of 3 publishers to publish 3 different types of data. All 3 publishers are written in a single C# file. However, each subscriber is written in a separate C++ file inside ROS. From the point of ZeroMQ, there is no difference in each subscriber, since context, socket initialization and receiving message is done in the same way for all subscriber. Hence, in order to make the mail shorter, I am just posting code snippet of 1 
subscriber below.

The publisher code in C# snippet is available in Pastebin (https://pastebin.com/S65LmwuV).
The subscriber code in C++ snippet is available in Pastebin (https://pastebin.com/xb3V0n0u).

The publisher works well initially for some time and successfully transmits data at 700MBPS rate but stops transmitting any data after 5-6 hours.

In order to make publisher working again, I need to restart the subscribers. This is strange to me since it is unexpected behavior as per the Publisher-Subscriber pattern is concerned.

Why such weird behavior? Any workaround, please.


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