[zeromq-dev] FOSDEM 2018 - ZeroMQ gathering/hackaton?

Benjamin Henrion zoobab at gmail.com
Wed Jan 24 22:16:29 CET 2018

On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 9:54 PM, Luca Boccassi <luca.boccassi at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Sun, 2017-08-27 at 18:20 +0100, Luca Boccassi wrote:
>> Hello,
>> FOSDEM 2018 dates have been announced, it will be on Saturday 3rd and
>> Sunday 4th of February. [1]
>> Would people be interested in replicating last year's 2-days ZMQ
>> gathering/hackaton before FOSDEM?
>> Benjamin, would the hacker space we were at be available again?
>> Kind regards,
>> Luca Boccassi
>> [1] https://fosdem.org/2018/
> Hey all,
> Just a week to go!
> If you have proposed an idea for the hackaton, and it requires some
> non-trivial setup or dependencies, could you please consider preparing
> a short how-to before the event and post it as a comment on the page?
> http://zeromq.org/event:zeromq-pre-fosdem-hackaton-thu-1-fri-2-feb-2018
> This way we can more easily and quickly bring who is interested up to
> speed.
> I'll go first - I've built Ubuntu/Debian packages for DPDK and over the
> weekend I'll prepare a quick howto.

Some practical things:

1. I will be there on Friday the whole day, on Thursday I will have to
work and I will come to open the doors of HSBXL early in the morning
(like 8am), and come back in the afternoon. There are 4 doors/gates to
pass, so I would need someone to be there with me to take the keys. I
will try to go there the day before, and warm up the place;
2. On the friday evening at 6PM, there is a Kubernetes meetup with 40
people, so I will need the help of you guys to move stuff around
(tables, seats, etc...), as I broke my back last year and I cannot
lift heavy things;

See you next week!

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