[zeromq-dev] zproto- terminated events

Wes Young wes at barely3am.com
Fri Feb 16 15:00:55 CET 2018

(looking at zgossip.c and zgossip_engine.inc, and using versions that are in-sync with current zproto master)

in zproto should a “termination” state trigger a socket disconnect (eg: a TCP FIN?) in the state machine? or is this something that needs to be handled in your server code? and it’s just assumed the TCP state stays ‘open’ unless you’ve implemented some lower level heart-beats or actually force a term of the tcp socket itself(?)

for instance- when zgossip triggers an expired/term event- the state goes to term and it appears to remove the client from it’s list(?), but it never seems to clean up the TCP connection unless there’s a hard disconnect. i can’t tell if this is on purpose and supposed to be done in the client, or if that’s just where folks left off last.. along with PING/PONG/TTL, zgossip.c:client_terminate is empty atm.

i’m looking through the zproto docs and examples and think i’m just missing something dumb here.. might be mixing some terms too.

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