[zeromq-dev] Bidirectional Async Over TCP Without Multiple Binds

Jake jake.cobb at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 15:08:53 CET 2018

What do would be an appropriate pattern to achieve bidirectional,
asynchronous messages between two nodes over TCP transport without binding
more than one TCP port?  The two nodes would be in different processes at
least and possibly on different machines.  I can imagine that a pair of
PUSH->PULL sockets would enable this, where Node A and Node B each bind a
TCP port with a PULL socket and connect to each other with a PUSH socket.
However, I will have a one-to-many relationship between an A node and
several B nodes, so needing a distinct port on A for each B limits the
design.  Ideally, only B nodes would bind a port for their A node to
connect to.

-Jake Cobb
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