[zeromq-dev] Using zmqpp client tool

Bernardo Augusto García Loaiza botibagl at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 23:32:50 CET 2018

Recently I've build the zmqpp c++ binding

In your installation process is created a zmqpp client tool CLI to test of
a basic way some sockets communications. ..


How to can I usage the flags to execute the client?

I try this

→ ./zmqpp --connect req tcp://localhost:5555
Unknown value 'tcp://localhost:5555' provided for 0mq socket type.
Usage: zmqpp [options] SOCKETTYPE ENDPOINT
0mq command line client tool.
SOCKETTYPE is one of the supported 0mq socket types.
  pull, push, pub, sub, req, rep
ENDPOINT is any valid 0mq endpoint.

But  the connection options is not clear for me ...

I have a socket server in the 5555 port/

Bernardo Augusto García Loaiza
Ingeniero de Sistemas
Estudiante de Maestría en Ingeniería Informática - Universidad EAFIT
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