[zeromq-dev] Recovering a ROUTER socket

Sam Stein sam.stein at tempustechnologies.com
Fri Aug 24 21:28:16 CEST 2018

The documentation for a ROUTER socket says: "When receiving messages a ZMQ_ROUTER socket shall prepend a message part containing the identity of the originating peer to the message before passing it to the application."

When our bound endpoint goes down, it drops currently pending requests to a text file.


Hello world

When we boot a new one, it can read these files, but it can't identify the client in question because the identifier was unique to the previous socket. It has no concept of who this "008000002D" client is (or sends it to a new client it has identified with this tag).

The question is, can we force a ROUTER socket to use a unique identity provided by the client instead of making one up on its own?

Thank you,

Sam Stein

Software Developer

Tempus Technologies, Inc.

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