[zeromq-dev] Distributed application with REQ REPLY sockets

Patrick Reedy preedy73 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 08:06:14 CEST 2018

 In my application I have roughly 100 main workers distributed across 50
nodes - so there are 2 main workers per node.

I’m struggling with a pipeline stage that needs to complete quickly, in
less than a second, but sometimes is taking 5 or 6 seconds.

In this pipeline stage each of the 50 nodes have to send their to piece of
data to all of the 100 main workers - so 50 nodes each sending 100 pieces
of data with each piece about 1.5M bytes. The main workers need to collect
all of the pieces of data before the pipeline can advance to the next stage.

During this pipeline stage each node is sending out about 150M of data
(1.5M for 100 workers) and receiving 150M of data (1.5M for 2 workers from
50 nodes ).

I’m currently using REQ REP sockets for this. Each of the 50 nodes has 100
REQ sockets, one connected to each worker, and 2 REPLY sockets, for the 2
workers receiving data on the node. The request from each node to worker
contains the 1.5M piece of data and the reply message from the worker back
to each node is empty but indicates that the worker has completed
collecting the piece of data from the originating node. The reply is used
to “block” the pipeline until all the data collection is complete.

I'm not sure if REQ REP is the best pattern for this case.  There seems to
be a lot of connections involved and it doesn't seem like this would scale
very well as more workers/nodes are introduced.  I'm looking to see if
someone could recommend a better pattern/solution that would provided
consistent behavior with low latency.
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