[zeromq-dev] use case for ZYRE framework

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On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 6:11 PM, Chandra <chandra at fastmail.net> wrote:

> Dear ZMQ community,
> Beginner to ZMQ. First of all thanks for great library and spirit behind
> it. :).  Zyre looks suitable for our academic research project (kind of
> Command and Control)  but have some doubts. Here is scenario
> Lab with 20 Computer's connected Wifi /Ethernet.  One computer (Master PC
> - like command center Leader) run the Zyre  based program. All the 19 other
> also run the Zyre framework based program. (kind of client program)
> 1. Master Computer can send whisper or shout message (INFO)  to clients
> always in listening mode for client message and store in Disk.
> 2.  Client program has some common task to do and send logs back to
> Master computer
> 3.  Master , in addition to always listening - send some specific
> command(COMMAND) , like
>     Command 1 = Evasive, Command 2 = Terminate the client program  etc.
> 4. Client can send  back - occasionally - " I am alive message" instead
> of ZYRE Beacons message  or long interval    eacon message
> Can i use Zyre framework or ZMQ API  with Threads  with a specific pattern
> - (Router - Sub -) for the above scenario ? Am i missing something?
> Any thoughts? Suggestion? It  greatly useful to design the project.

Try Glard, this is what it does...

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