[zeromq-dev] Zyre simple example - missing frame

Chandra chandra at fastmail.net
Tue Apr 24 17:29:17 CEST 2018

Dear ZMQ community, 

Greetings ! 
I trying to understand zyre with simple example take from net and trying
to change it.  There is 2 programs. one is  Zyre_whisperer  and another
is Zyre_listener.
1. First, Listener will start  with group name  for example - Listener
   <Leader>  and wait for message from whisperer2.  Start whisperer with  whisperer <Leader>  to send some message to
    Leader.  original program use UUID which works :) and i am trying to
    send by group name.  It works i.e it send the  frames to Listener
    without the user message (Good evening)Code: 
Whisperer.c  -  https://pastebin.com/nX5TWR7Q
Listener.c  -    https://pastebin.com/kB7ixUS7

*below is Output:  *
* Missing frame from Whisperer  is the issue *

frame: ENTER 
frame: E1F28B6CC9064459A94ADC2AD0E6EC9F
frame: Follower1
frame: tcp://
frame: EVASIVE
frame: E1F28B6CC9064459A94ADC2AD0E6EC9F
frame: Follower1
frame: EXIT
frame: E1F28B6CC9064459A94ADC2AD0E6EC9F
frame: Follower1

Any advise/ thoughts will greatly helpful :)  Cheers!

With kindest regards,


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