[zeromq-dev] Linger vs inproc

Gyorgy Szekely hoditohod at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 08:59:17 CEST 2018

Hi all,
I would like to clarify the effect of the linger setting on inproc

I have a message broker that has a stateful routing thread and a number of
front-end threads that manage websocket sessions. The routing and websocket
threads communicate over zmq inproc transport with router-dealer sockets
(respectively). The routing is stateful and must be notified of the
websocket session closure, this is done with a message
(websocket->routing). The websocket session closure also closes the
corresponding zmq dealer socket.

So I have a dealer socket connected to a router over inproc, and I close
this socket immediately after sending a message. I want to be confident in
the following 2 statements:
- the message before the close never gets dropped
- the socket close never blocks for a considerable amount of time (let's
say more than 1ms)
(The router socket is permanent)

Does libzmq guarantee this? How should I set the linger time?

The API docs state that inproc transport can run with a thread-less
context, this made me think that sends on inproc are practically
synchronous, and by the time send returns, the message is in the receiving
socket's input queue. Is this true?

  Gyorgy Szekely
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