[zeromq-dev] dependency issue

Juergen Gnoss jgnoss at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 12 13:17:45 CEST 2017

There is a serious dependency issue involved in zeroMQ.

Once you get used to it, one cannot let it go anymore.

A few months ago I was looking for another way to spread

parts of an existing clunky system over several hosts, in

order to make it more scalable for future.

Then I stumbled over zeroMQ.

After a, let's say, not that steep learning curve, but great
help from community, I figured out zeroMQ is not just good
for messaging, it's a full fledged lib including all one needs to
make most of the backend stuff of a system up and running.

Now I've changed nearly the entire system to use zeroMQ.
I kicked a lot of different libraries over board that the
antique system used. Now the entire system is much more
maintainable and because of the object oriented style of
zeroMQ really fun to work with.

Guys, you did a really great job, creating and maintaining that
piece of software.

Next I'll do using zeroMQ is ... looking for a new girlfriend 😉

Here my great thanks to all of you.


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