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Alain-Serge Nagni asnagni at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 5 00:44:06 CEST 2017

Hi guys,
    After studding more deeply ZeroMQ and experimenting a lot, we came to the conclusion that there is no need to worry about the Peer IP address, all the logic and the information that we need are in the routing number. I hope that will help others :-) .    The routing unique number represent the peer. No need to get the iP address ;-)

Thank you.

    On Saturday, August 26, 2017 10:08 AM, Alain-Serge Nagni <asnagni at yahoo.com> wrote:

 Hi Kevin,
  Thank you for the note. I will clean it up and resend. I will also have a look at Zyre.

Thank you 

    On Saturday, August 26, 2017 9:13 AM, Kevin Sapper <kevinsapper88 at gmail.com> wrote:

 Hi Toky,

just fyi, your email went directly into my spam folder. That happend probably for other too. I would recommend cleaning up your mail (i.e. same font type and font size) and resending it.
Regarding your second question. To do this you'll need to introduce some timeout logic e.g. by sending ALIVE beacons. If you're looking for an good example for joining and leaving parties check out Zyre (http://github.com/zeromq/zyre) which is a Peer-To-Peer framework.

2017-08-26 13:55 GMT+02:00 Alain-SergeNagni <asnagni at yahoo.com>:

Hi guys,  I'm new to zeromq and we are in the process of evaluating the library to use it in our large project (a 2 years project).   I have a simple question concerning the zmq_socket_monitor and the routing number (on the server side) . So, when a connection is made, we receive a ZMQ_EVENT_CONNECTED and we can extract the socket file descriptor and get the client socket IP address from the file descriptor.   1) Is there a way to correlate the socket file descriptor to the routing numbers associated to the messages that are coming in. We have many clients and we would like to know  exactly who is disconnecting or closing the connection so we can cleanup some resources when that happens ( when ZMQ_EVENT_CLOSED or ZMQ_EVENT_DISCONNECTED are triggered).
  2)  The IP address may not be needed if there is a way to get a notification that the client associated with a giving routing number is disconnected . Is that functionality available? We couldn't find that.  If no, would someone knows how to implement that?

Thank you for your help,Toky    

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