[zeromq-dev] I need ZMQ server working like DLL

Michal Vyskocil michal.vyskocil at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 19:58:35 CEST 2017


The combination of zproject and czmq will do exactly what you want.
Zproject will generate build recipes for you in a way that code will be in
shared library. It can generate several targets including msvc project.

Czmq then provides zactor class, which allows you to implement your server
in thread in easiest way than pthreads or other interfaces. There are
several actors in czmq, like zproxy or zauth.

Them there is zpoller, simple pollen compatible with zeromq sockets, which
is the best way to implement timeouts.


Dne 31. 8. 2017 3:10 odpoledne napsal uživatel "Andy" <
borucki.andrzej at gmail.com>:

I have two process. ZMQ server which is database client. Waits for requests
and read/write to database. ZMQ client works synchronously - give request
and short wait for response.
What example?
On github I saw many repositories for C++ ZeroMQ:
What difference is roughly between them ? Which would be better to me?
I don't use ZMQ_SUBSCRIBE?
How wait socker.recv only short time and next renew request?

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