[zeromq-dev] Zyre demo at OpenWRT Summit in Prague, last Pieter's project

Luca Boccassi luca.boccassi at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 13:11:35 CEST 2017

On 26 October 2017 11:08:24 BST, Benjamin Henrion <zoobab at gmail.com> wrote:
>Zyre demo at OpenWRT Summit in Prague, last Pieter's project:
>Benjamin Henrion <bhenrion at ffii.org>
>FFII Brussels - +32-484-566109 - +32-2-3500762
>"In July 2005, after several failed attempts to legalise software
>patents in Europe, the patent establishment changed its strategy.
>Instead of explicitly seeking to sanction the patentability of
>software, they are now seeking to create a central European patent
>court, which would establish and enforce patentability rules in their
>favor, without any possibility of correction by competing courts or
>democratically elected legislators."
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