[zeromq-dev] zhashx_t observation

Juergen Gnoss jgnoss at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 23 12:51:16 CEST 2017

I use czmq from master pulled and built a few days ago.

zhashx_t is meant as a hash that can handle other objects than strings.

That's what I understand and that's how I used it in some projects before.

(both, objects and keys where other than simple strings)

Now I did use zframe_t as keys and (char *) as items and setup zhashx like so:

assuming that my items (constant strings) are handled out of the box I just

gave comparator, duplicator and destructor to the key, which in my case is

another object than a string.

first defining the comparator


static int s_scompfn(zframe_t *f1, zframe_t *f2){
    if (zframe_eq(f1, f2)) {
        return 0;
    return 1;




zhashx_t *deviceComID_List = zhashx_new ();

zhashx_set_key_destructor (deviceComID_List, (zhashx_destructor_fn *) zframe_destroy);
zhashx_set_key_duplicator (deviceComID_List, (zhashx_duplicator_fn *) zframe_dup);
zhashx_set_key_comparator(deviceComID_List, (zhashx_comparator_fn *) s_scompfn);


some code to use that hash is


    char *item = (char *)zhashx_lookup(deviceList, cid_frame);
    if (item == NULL) {
        zhashx_insert(deviceList, cid_frame, "");
    } else {
        zhashx_delete (deviceList, cid_frame);


Ending up that the program eats up all my memory as seen in


(that's the valgrind massif output)

Is it, because my (item) strings are empty at that moment?

If I give constructor and duplicator as well for the items (strings) to zhashx,

it works as expected.


I didn't get it from Documentation, that all that duplicators and

destructors are obligatory to set.

Am I the only one stumbling into that?


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