[zeromq-dev] CZMQ Build Error on Windows 10

Stephen Gray riskybizlive at live.com
Sat Oct 21 15:32:01 CEST 2017

I'm getting build errors in trying to build CZMQ on Windows 10 using Visual Studio 2015.

This is what I've done so far;

git clone --depth 1 -b stable https://github.com/jedisct1/libsodium.git
    cd libsodium\builds\msvc\build
    cd ..\..\..\..

    :: if libsodium is on disk, the Windows build of libzmq will automatically use it
    git clone git://github.com/zeromq/libzmq.git
    cd libzmq\builds\msvc
    cd build
    cd ..\..\..\..

    git clone git://github.com/zeromq/czmq.git
    cd czmq\builds\msvc
    cd vs2015

Here is a pastebin of the build.log error file https://pastebin.com/4aTS72qP

Anyone know what this means and how to fix it?

Also when configure.bat runs this output is given;

Configuring CZMQ...
Building with libzmq
Building without uuid
Building without systemd
Building without lz4
Building with draft API (stable + legacy + draft API)

What are the implications of CZMQ building without certain components?

With thanks,

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