[zeromq-dev] polling performances on windows

brunobodin . brunobodin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 20:55:32 CET 2017

Hi all

I ran a couple of test in order to evaluate the cost of polling (on
windows). To do so, I added polling to the local_lat and local_thr tests.

The code is here


and here is what I noticed :
* since the fix about mempcy of FD_SET structure, the performances of
local_thr are excellent,
close to 1Gb/s ie the hardware thoughtput.

* when I add the polling, the latency tests seems unaffected, while the thr
test falls to 200Mb/s,
  that is a 5x drop

So here are my questions

* is this way of testing polling meaningful ?
* how do you explain the difference between latency and thoughput tests
behaviour ?
* what are the result on a linux box ?



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