[zeromq-dev] bug in manual page zmq_poll

Erik Thiele erik.thiele at thiele-hydraulik.de
Mon May 22 07:40:27 CEST 2017


the manual page sais:

If none of the requested events have occurred on any zmq_pollitem_t
item, zmq_poll() shall wait timeout microseconds for an event to occur
on any of the requested items. If the value of timeout is 0, zmq_poll()
shall return immediately. If the value of timeout is -1, zmq_poll()
shall block indefinitely until a requested event has occurred on at
least one zmq_pollitem_t. The resolution of timeout is 1 millisecond.

first it sais "microseconds" and at the end it sais "millisecond".
first i used microseconds and wondered why the timeout does not happen.
then i switched to milliseconds and it worked as expected.

probably you should correct "microseconds" to "millisecond"

thank you

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