[zeromq-dev] Porting libzmq to C++11

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I prefer C++17 too, but there are some issues I've come upon with this

  - C++11 implementation in Visual studio 2012 had and still has some
issues with STL code. There is some unnecessary copying in some functions
and the standard is not fully covered. In some cases it could cause
annoying performance issues which can be avoided only by not using parts of
STL. Microsoft deliberately doesn't want to patch this since they consider
this product as nearing it's end of life.
  - I've compiled some C++11 code with GCC on Ubuntu few months ago. I was
using regular expressions from standard library. To my surprise, program
was not working OK on Ubuntu like it did on Windows. I've finally found out
that there was a bug in GCC's standard library and newer version which has
just become available (don't remember which version) fortunately had this
solved. And this is years after C++11 came to life.
  - C++11 support in Visual studio 2015 has finally covered most of the
standard except some exotic things. C++14 support in VS 2015 does not cover
a lot of things from the standard, the same story as with VS 2012 and C++11.

This proves that C++11 implementations on different platforms are not rock
solid, 100% optimal and without bugs, not enough time has passed.
C++14 implementations are limited and still "fresh", I'm not even going to
mention C++17 now.

C++11 can now offer proper performance and behavior according to standard
across multiple platforms, without having to revert to workarounds to make
things work.
I agree that it would be ideal that we have compilers with libraries which
fully cover C++17 standard and have optimal code but I'm afraid that this
is too much to expect at this moment.

Again, brand new constructs which C++14 and C++17 offer are not a
We're yet to see C++ which will make a quantum leap as significant as C++11


2017-05-19 20:33 GMT+02:00 Bela Berde <bela.berde at gmail.com>:

> The C++ 17 version of libzmq will be done anyway, so it is only a question
> of time. I can contribute to that project. But only C++ 17, again.
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