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Luca Boccassi luca.boccassi at gmail.com
Wed May 3 22:17:35 CEST 2017

On Wed, 2017-05-03 at 19:00 +0000, Marlborough, Rick wrote:
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> Folks;
>                 We have test software that is testing the request
> reply pattern. We are doing failure testing. The failure testing
> involves killing and restarting the server. We have code in the
> requester that "attempts" to do a reconnect to the server. However,
> after the reconnect, the subsequent send calls always fail and ZeroMQ
> reports "Operation cannot be accomplished in current state". Is there
> a way to "reset" a request socket and clear this condition?
> Thanks
> Rick

Close and reopen the socket, or set the ZMQ_REQ_RELAXED option. But
then it strays away from the pattern, so there's no much point. req-rep 
is intentionally strict to force a certain pattern

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> Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2017 2:39 PM
> To: ZeroMQ development list
> Subject: Re: [zeromq-dev] Dipping into zmq_recv from czmq
> Hi,
> zmsg_ function can be used to send/receive any kind of data in czmq.
> http://czmq.zeromq.org/czmq4-0:zmsg<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com
> /v2/url?u=http-3A__czmq.zeromq.org_czmq4-2D0-
> 3Azmsg&d=DwMFaQ&c=L6cnQwNGJqqFwLSmuJQH9Q&r=0vkEC-wQCdHs6_7-
> T7j4hT5guWBPAv8lluqeyT5n0ww&m=ybwlhjaNwigPf6--TDOq_K-
> NsppUGJ8ocVKZjKjfcck&s=2QpB4zkh8XhXQD0-A9ps4wd-
> R517crDYQnX78nhLxLc&e=>;
> Max
> On Wed, May 3, 2017 at 8:53 AM, Brian Sellden <brian_ls2 at comcast.net<
> mailto:brian_ls2 at comcast.net>> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using czmq to transfer serialized objects in char arrays.  The
> serialized data may contain nulls, so processing with c-string
> oriented functions Is a problem.  So using zstr_recv(void*) doesn't
> work for me as it returns a char* with no way to identify the length
> of the array.
> I thought I might dip into the zmq calls directly so I can use
> zmq_recv(void* source, void* buf, size_t len, int flags), as it
> returns the number of bytes copied into the buffer.  But my sockets
> are created with zsock_new(...), so I'm not sure about the
> compatibility of these calls.  Am I on the right track with this, and
> can someone offer some advice on how to proceed?  I did try just
> putting my zsock_t* into the zmq_recv call, but it just returns -1
> even though zpoller_t reports that there is data available on the
> socket.
> Thanks -
> Brian.
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