[zeromq-dev] How to build with draft features?

Heungsub Lee sub at subl.ee
Thu Mar 30 05:51:42 CEST 2017

My friend helped me.  I had to use the -Wl,-rpath linker flag.

Anyway, if there's some official manual for testing draft features, it
would be awesome!

2017년 3월 30일 (목) 오전 3:01, Heungsub Lee <sub at subl.ee>님이 작성:

> Hi,
> I want to test draft features of zmq-4.2.  So I tried to configure with
> "--enable-drafts=yes" then build and install libzmq-4.2.2.  But
> zmq_has("draft") still returns false.  Was I wrong to build with the draft
> features?
> Regards,
> Heungsub
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