[zeromq-dev] Zloop ticket expires only once

Shrikanth M.D. shrikanthdiwakar at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 17:22:40 CET 2017


I see that the ticket timer expires only once.
Could you please suggest if there is any obvious issue in my code?

    zloop_t *loop = zloop_new ();
  zmq_pollitem_t item = { zsock_resolve(inter_thread_pair),0, ZMQ_POLLIN, 0

  zloop_poller (loop, &item, s_netconf_socket_event,NULL);
  zloop_set_ticket_delay (loop, 1000);
  void *ticket = zloop_ticket (loop, s_fp_group_status_check_timer_event,

    zloop_start  (loop);
    zloop_ticket_delete (loop, ticket);
    zloop_destroy (&loop);

int s_fp_group_status_check_timer_event(zloop_t *loop, int timer_id, void

printf("fp group status check timer expired \n");

return 0;

Thanks & regards,
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