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I will soon have to make communication with UWP device... :-(  My server is
zmq based, and the client uses a REQ, a SUB and a PUB socket (all are
connected, no bind). The SUB socket is for now the most important

After some searching, I found ZMTP.NET project on github, and ad first
glance it sounds promising for this usage, even if for now it only
implements the Dealer pattern.

What I understand is that this project provide a zmq-like API over UWP
based sockets by implementing the ZMTP protocol. I ran the provided test
without an issue.

I basically have two questions (probably for Doron I guess ;-)

* what are the limits of this approach. I read everywhere that UWP
implementation of sockets
have limitations, but what are they exactly ? I noticed that you have to
define capabilities for your UWP app, so if PrivateLocalNetwork is enabled,
do the UWP socket API allow for any stuff required by ZMQ ? Or will Bind be
always forbidden ? And what else ? What I lack is a clear view of what
would be the difference between ZMQ/NetMQ and a fully developped ZMTP.NET
project ?

* Would it be possible to have a SUB implementation ? I am not skilled
enough in networking stuff to do it by myself. Maybe if  I can get some

Thanks for your help

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